Pauline Lavoie

Pauline is fascinated by the future. By seeing the potential in others, and knowing that each individual is a work in progress, she will ensure that all team members are included to help them experience individual and team success.

Her area of expertize has been mastering the non-surgical periodontal therapy program and effectively improving her communication skills to create a great relationship with the patients.

Pauline graduated in dental assisting and worked in an orthodontic office then continued to dental hygiene where she graduated from the bilingual (French and English) program.

Pauline has numerous years as a dental field and with a strong desire to train people she decided to pursue her career at Cite Collegiale as a clinical instructor and then continuing with Transitions Group North America as a clinical coach.  As a certified adult educator, Pauline adapts her training to meet the needs of the people with who she partners. Through her energy, creativity and enthusiasm, she facilitates growth through mentoring and demonstrating for the teams so they may achieve the desired results

Pauline thrives on implementing practical theory and keeping current in a practice setting. She inspires others with her passion in dentistry, her commitment to continuing education and to the hygiene profession.

She loves the outdoors, exercising and having family over for nice home cooked meals.


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