Pauline Lavoie

Pauline brings to Transitions Group North America a passion for educating individuals in dentistry.   She has built a reputation of effective communication with patients and fellow colleagues in the offices where she has practiced.

She has been mastering non-surgical periodontal therapy programs since 1995 and has had the opportunity to mentor in both French and English.

The private practice she worked in underwent coaching through Transitions Group North America, and this inspired Pauline to want to help others.

Pauline has developed and perfected her skills by applying and teaching new methods.  Her passion to share knowledge is evidenced on a daily basis in both her professional career and personal life.

She is a graduate of Cambrian College in the bilingual Dental Hygiene program and has worked in the dental field for 23 years.  She has also honed her teaching skills as a clinical instructor at Cité collégiale college in Ottawa.
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